BLACK PAGES Fanzine Release 2018-07-29 / 2 - 6 PM THE STEAK HOUSE DOSKOI / XYZ collective New issues: BLACK PAGES #80 HEINE featuring HEINE THORHAUGE MATHIASEN BLACK PAGES #81 MELANIE featuring MELANIE EBENHOCH BLACK PAGES #82 SANDRA featuring SANDRA VAKA BLACK PAGES #83 STEINAR featuring STEINAR HAGA KRISTENSEN BLACK PAGES #84 GENE featuring GENE BEERY BLACK PAGES is an often releasing artist-fanzine in an edition of 300 copies. BLACK PAGES comes in the format A5, including 20 pages, printed in black&white. BLACK PAGES invites one artist to collaborate and renames after his/her forename. BLACK PAGES continues with issues #80 - #84 featuring artists Heine Thorhauge Mathiasen, Melanie Ebenhoch, Sandra Vaka, Steinar Haga Kristensen and Gene Beery. BLACK PAGES is a project by Vienna based artists Ute Müller, Nick Oberthaler and Christoph Meier. BLACK PAGES is available at 21er Haus (Vienna), Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna), Salon für Kunstbuch (Vienna), Secession (Vienna), Grazer Kunstverein (Graz), WIELS Center for Contemporary Art (Bruxelles), Kiosk (Ghent), Sunset Résidence (Lyon), Florence Loewy (Paris), Institut d'art contemporain (Villeurbanne), Buchhandlung Walther König (Cologne), do you read me?! (Berlin), OMMU Distribution (Athens), Inc. livros e edições de autor (Porto), Ooga Booga (Los Angeles) and Printed Matter (New York). BLACK PAGES is funded by the Federal Chancellery of Austria and Wien Kultur.